Rider Update 8

Hi everybody.  

We were hoping that we would not have any issues getting into the Rally Site (The Lodge at Big Bear) this week and the utility construction they are doing would hold off, but it seems that is not the case.  They are laying utilities and many of the roads are messed up.  

Please review the attached two section maps that shows an alternate way to get to the Village at Big Bear Lake or the Rally Site at The Lodge.  You can still come in on Rt 18 from the BB Lake Dam, but you will be detoured off of Rt 18 a couple of miles before you get to The Lodge.  
If you do come in to Big Bear Lake from the East, the easiest way to get into the back of the hotel is to:

  1. Take Rt 18 (Big Bear Blvd) West and turn left onto Bartlett (one street West of Pine Knott).  
  2. Follow Bartlett to Beaver Lane and turn Right. 
  3. Follow Beaver Lane to the back side of the hotel where the entrance is located.

As we understand it as of today, what they are doing if you come in from the West on Rt 18 is as follows:

  1. Left on Talmadge Road to Lakeview Dr where you turn right.
  2. Follow Lakeview Dr to Big Bear Blvd (Rt 18).  
  3. Uncertain if you can turn left and right onto Rt 18, but if you turn left, go to Bonanza Trail and turn Right (at the Bowling Alley).
  4. Follow Bonanza Trail for a block to Beaver Ln then turn Left.  Hotel is on the right.

We apologize for this, but there wasn’t much we could do about it.  Please be patience once you get to Big Bear.  Please make sure if you are coming with a group that you share this information with your fellow riders.

Big Bear Village.png

Thanks, and see you later in the week.

Bill Davis
Rally Coordinator/Co-Owner
Hwy 101 Event Co. 
AMA Event Promoter