Rider Update 3

We’re only two months away from kicking this Rally in high gear. We hope you’re getting as excited about being there as we are about getting this rally going.

A lot of riders have been posting their pictures and images of visiting all the various Dealerships involved with the Passport Game. I know several of you have finished and are getting ready for the next game. The next game starts this coming Saturday. The first Riding Poker Run stop takes place Saturday (April 15th) at Victorville Harley-Davidson in Victorville, CA. We will have a team there from 10 am to 3 pm to stamp your Poker Run hand. Please make sure you bring your Passport booklet as the Riding Poker Run Hand is in the back of the Passport. Please make sure you read the rules of the Poker Run game so that you are familiar with how the game is played.